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December 1, 2011

Christmas House Tour - Our love of decoration - A Story of Colour In The "Red Living House"

We pulled out our decorating chops this past week for the annual  Anderton Therapeutic Gardens  Christmas House Tour, a fundraiser featuring 5 homes in the Comox Valley, each home teamed up with  local interior designers and decorators.

  Despite saying "no how could we have the time (as retailers) at such a busy time of the year", it was our dear friends, Sandy Dennis and Kevin Bushnell, offering up their incredible 1912 character home here in Courtenay, and their eclectic collection of art and antiques, that made us say yes - a perfect match to our own collections of furniture and accessories offered up here in the store.  And if you visit us at this time of year, you know we love to celebrate decoration for Christmas. 

 I warned Sandy that there was going to be considerable furniture moving (out) and arranging to get a starting point to the Christmas that was going to be installed  .. and please trust us and "stand back  ..this is a production!"     .. It wasn't until the last days of installation that Kevin realized his house was being turned into a "set" and his tv must go into hiding!  Oh and 500 guests  were about walk though! 

We are so grateful to this house proud couple for participating and giving up their home and giving in to beauty!

Here's what happened: 

this is a "before" -  a gathering  of  colour ideas back in October

The staring point  (besides a new furniture layout) was to tell a story though colour. With the house fully wood panelled in dark fir, we needed a colour pop. This reupholstered purple settee and little orange pedestal table was just that start for a colourful Christmas dream about to come true.

Their house also has several  Chinese antiques along with a wonderful ancient cast Buddha to include in this story - A global mix of traditional, and non traditional, was the developing Christmas story  ...  And the collecting of ideas and "Red Living stock" began  - 
playing with a colour pallet.

 Including this incredible late 19th Century  Dresden Daulton "India Tree" dinner china set.
 - Could not wait to set the table with these great colours! 


And so we moved in a load of fresh oranges, a turquoise chandelier, a three legged 60" round glass Italian modern dining table, six 1920's stylish oak dining chairs, .. more colour , more white, and a 7.5 ft. white flocked Christmas tree in a white iron urn 

 .. Living and Dining room transformed with a movement of colour and a festive story -                       

... and All dressed up


The saturated colours of turquoise, purples, fushia, copper, and more fresh oranges was the welcoming FRONT ENTRY stairway garland - oh and orange twinkle lights!   The opposite wall's Flaming art raises the temperature of this space to HOT!

And to the left of the traditional centred front entry is a room, that when we started was a busy (papery)  home office - to make a long story short a small reno was happening in a room at the back of the house where the new office was moved.  So to the owner's delight this "new" room was claimed to create a comfy library den. A "men's den with collected vintage trophies and crystal decanters filled with favourite liquors.  ..and some more incredible art and great furniture. 

The Christmas story was told in this room with fresh cedar, vintage bottle brush trees, about 12 potted wee lime cypress trees, and few collected shiny baubles. 

It's  also interesting to note the solution to all the metal colours - mix and add them all together!  Find a balance of antique silver, brass, copper, and mercury glass..  warm and collected.

Not much of a "before" but you get the idea that this room was not quite show ready ..  



Thanks all for visiting. 

Leaving you with a bit of outside magic -
 A load of cedar and Ivy clippings wrapped in garland and lights   .. 

 And may you all find beauty this holiday season! 

Love from RED LIVING xo

December 31, 2010

A Look Back on the RED seasons of 2010 ..

As this year comes to a close, We have to give a great thanks to You, 
our customers. With your support and shared enthusiasm we continue to work hard to create a dream store, with great home decor and furniture ...and share with you our taste and inspiration. 

  With this love of sharing savvy design and style, along with our ongoing passion to hunt for great finds, we take pride in seeing  your home focused on beautiful recycled furnishings ..  affordability, planet friendly, and grand style ..  why buy new indeed. 

Here is a look back to some of our great finds in 2010 ... (and cheers to the new owners enjoying them!)

  Febuary 2010 ..  Early Spring brought us tulips and this fantastic antique Chinese painted cabinet.  

                      And with spring ... inspiration for our ongoing exploration of colour and Style

June 2010:
Just in time for pic nic season - the biggest collection of mint condition melmac from 1950's to 70's ...
Colours and memories made many very happy..


 Classic Creams Ruled in July 2010 

...and this Leather 1880's Travel Trunk, we miss, could build a room around this.
 .. a Red Living Favourite!

                        August 2010: Mix Master of style..   curves thrown in with mid- century!

Birds Eye Maple Cozy up .. Autumn approaches.

November 2010: With the tree up and holiday busyness the soft blues and creams again softened the season ..

Love this:  End of Year Beauty found only a temporary spot in the store before going to a great home for the holidays. A one of a kind  ... if only we could push the reorder button!

Cant' wait for you to come and see what's in store for 2011! .. 

To A Very Red New Year!